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Berlin, 10/05/2016

STRATO offers new top level domains: .ist and .istanbul

STRATO introduces the new top-level-domains .ist and .istanbul for the Turkish market. As one of the leading hosting providers around the world, STRATO has significant experience with new top-level-domains, e.g. .berlin in Germany, .barcelona in Spain, and .amsterdam in the Netherlands. In February the webhosting company launched their products for Turkish customers on

“City domains are one of the most successful within the 500 new top-level-domains. Many users want .com or country domain names. Often, these domain names are already sold, so that the demand for city domain names increases. That’s why I am quite sure, that .istanbul and .ist will be successful, too”, says Christian Böing, CEO of STRATO.

New city domain names, .ist and .istanbul
STRATO offers .istanbul domain names for a special price of $ 19.80 per year and .ist domain names for $ 23.40 per year. If the customer decides for a domain name from STRATO, he benefits from two functions which are inclusive: the email function and a business card. With the business card customers have the opportunity to present their contact data, e.g. email address and telephone number, on their domain before they publish their website.

Istanbul has been waiting for its top-level-domain since 2012, and is one of the last cities with its own domains. One of the first cities with a new top-level-domain was Berlin. With nearly 60.000 registrations .berlin is one of the most registered city domains. More than every fifth customer ordered the domain at STRATO.* Therefore STRATO has significant experience in offering new top-level-domains, and is one of the most important domain name registrars worldwide.

* Quelle: 10.05.2016


STRATO is the hosting provider with the best price-performance ratio: as one of the largest hosting companies around the world, STRATO offers professional quality at an affordable price. Its products range from domains, email and homepage packages, online storage to servers. STRATO hosts four million domains and operates two certified data centers. STRATO is a company within the Deutsche Telekom AG.

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