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Berlin, 14.07.2016

HiDrive Online Storage with Universal Windows App

A Universal Windows Platform app (UWP app) – an application for all windows devices – is now available for HiDrive online storage. The interfaces and functions of the HiDrive Universal app are identical on all devices: This will make it even easier for users of HiDrive to find their way around the app. With the HiDrive UWP app, users can continue to access all relevant features of the online storage – for example, uploading and sharing files or creating photo albums. Compared to the previous apps for Windows phones and tablets, this app has additional features, including the automatic upload of images and videos, as well as a new design. The HiDrive UWP app is available at no charge from the Windows App Store at

New features for images and videos
The HiDrive Universal Windows app has three new features for images and videos:
1. Automatic upload: Users can upload images and videos automatically to their HiDrive using the app, either via Wi-Fi only or via Wi-Fi and the mobile network.
2. Offline function: Users can also select files in the app for offline use. This way files are available even without an internet connection.
3. Metadata display: The app displays metadata for images, including the date, location, camera, dimensions, time and file size of the image.

Use Windows Continuum
The HiDrive Universal Windows app supports Windows Continuum. This turns a smartphone into a desktop interface so that users can also use the HiDrive app on their desktop. A new smartphone and the Microsoft Display Dock are required for this. With Windows Continuum, users can quickly share a link for images that were uploaded automatically to HiDrive, with friends and colleagues via email from their desktop. The Display Dock can also connect a smartphone to a television.

New design and revised structure
The HiDrive Universal app offers a fresh design and revised menu structure. It was created based on the design specifications for UWP apps and offers users three advantages:
1. One app for all devices: As with other UWP apps, the font and other elements of the HiDrive Universal app adapt to the screen size of the current device. This allows users to work comfortably on all devices with a single app.
2. Familiar organization of elements: The HiDrive Universal app has the same anatomy of other UWP apps. This allows users to quickly navigate through the app, as they are already familiar with the navigation elements and their organization from other UWP apps.
3. Improved orientation: New navigation features like the burger menu and breadcrumb navigation, make it easier for users to keep track when using the app. The burger menu only expands on the left side of the app when it is needed. In this way, the menu does not cover the content permanently.

Many years of expertise and servers located in Germany
With HiDrive, STRATO is one of the leading providers of online storage in Germany, partly due to its function as a white-label solution for other providers in the ITC field. The variety of access options sets HiDrive apart from other online storage services: Mobile apps and software for the cloud service are available for established operating systems like iOS, Android, MAC and Windows. If this is not enough, users can book a protocol package and access HiDrive via standard protocols like SMB/CIFS, WebDAV, FTP or rsync. When it comes to security, HiDrive stands out, as all servers are located in Germany: All data is securely stored in the STRATO high-performance data centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe. The data is processed in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act – one of the strictest of its kind in international comparison.


STRATO is the hosting provider with the best price-performance ratio: as one of the largest hosting companies around the world, STRATO offers professional quality at an affordable price. Its products range from domains, email and homepage packages, online storage to servers. STRATO hosts four million domains and operates two certified data centers. STRATO is a company within the Deutsche Telekom AG.

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