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How to use RecoveryManager to access the data on your hard drive (Windows server)

You can boot the server using a special recovery tool if your server will not start in normal mode or you do not want to boot the server from the hard disk. The STRATO RecoveryManager fulfils precisely this purpose.

Go to the menu item Server Configuration / RecoveryManager in the STRATO Server Login and select boot mode Start RecoveryManager. Here you can reset your server and/or start a recovery system in order to repair your system.

Please note:
This reboot may damage the file system as the machine only receives a reset signal. If you only want to start rescue mode and still have access to the system, it is recommended that you only change the boot system and manually reboot the system after approximately 3 minutes.

Proceed as follows if you can access the server in recovery mode:

Start your remote desktop connection (e.g. by selecting Start / All Programs / Accessories / Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7) and log in using your admin password.

The easy way to connect to your STRATO Windows server

You can now use Windows Explorer to access the data on your server hard disk. Please be aware that the recovery system will show server drive C: as drive D: and server driver D: as drive E:.
The recovery system will not detect the dynamic data carriers if you are operating a software RAID, although your data is stored on this partition.

Execute the following steps to access the dynamic data carrier:
  1. Select Start / Execute and enter the command "cmd" to launch a command-line interface.
  2. Now enter the command diskpart in the command line to launch the program DISKPART
  3. Use the command "list disk" to show all data carriers. A software RAID will be shown as ‘Foreign’ (there is a hardware defect if no data carriers are shown).
  4. Enter the command select disk [no] to select the correct data carrier, whereby [no] indicates the number of the hard disk (0 for the first hard disk, 1 for the second)
  5. Use the command import to import all dynamic data carriers. The recovery system will detect the two data carriers and they will no longer be listed as Foreign, provided mirroring is still working correctly.
  6. Click on "Exit" to close the DISKPART program.
Access to your data is now restored.

An error is displayed The selected data carrier does not belong to an importable group. Execute the command import and then online.

This is confirmed by The selected data carrier was placed online . and the hard drives will be shown in Windows.
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