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FAQ #368

Online cancellation How to cancel STRATO services in your STRATO Login area

You can cancel your package in just a few steps in your STRATO Login area. Please have your customer number and your customer password ready in order to log in.


Please note: In order to access the forms and online cancellation options in the STRATO Login area, you will need to log in with your customer number and customer password . If you log in with the domain name and the corresponding package password, the menu item Contractual Modifications and online cancellation options will not be available.


You can find more information on STRATO's password system here: What is the STRATO password system?


In the STRATO Login area, select the menu item Contractual Modifications and then the menu item Cancellation .




Overview of the individual steps for online cancellation:


On the following page, you can select if you would like to cancel a complete package, individual domains, or additional services such as STRATO SSL or STRATO rankingCoach.


If you wish to cancel a complete package, click on the link Cancel package. If you wish to cancel an individual domain or additional service, click on Cancel in the corresponding row.



In the next step, please select the reason for your cancellation and click on Next.




On the following page, please enter your customer password and click on the button Complete cancellation to complete the cancellation.



The cancellation will now be registered and confirmed for you. Cancellation will be effective at the end of the current contract duration, and also take into consideration the applicable cancellation periods for the selected item.



Note on canceling domains


If one or more domains are canceled, you will need to select a follow-up process in order to determine the subsequent use of the domains.



You can select between the options Registrar deletion and Domain transfer.


Select Registrar deletion if you wish to fully relinquish all ownership rights to the domain. The domain will then be deleted by the competent assignment authority. The registrar deletion will also need to be additionally confirmed by the domain holder, who will receive a separate email for this purpose.


If you wish to continue using the domain, but want to transfer it to a different provider, please select Domain transfer.



Withdrawing a cancellation


You can withdraw the cancelation of your package, individual domains, and additional services directly in the STRATO Customer Login. To do this, select the menu item Contract Amendment / Cancelation. Services that have already been canceled are highlighted in color in the overview. Click on the link Withdraw cancelation to withdraw the cancelation.


On the following page, please enter your customer password for confirmation and click on the button Withdraw cancelation



The cancellation is withdrawn and withdrawal confirmed. Please note that cancellations can be withdrawn in the STRATO Login area up to 30 days before the cancellation date. If you wish to withdraw a cancellation with a cancellation date less than 30 days away, please contact our customer support by phone.