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FAQ #221

How long does it take until my domain is registered?

Already about 1 hour after ordering your STRATO hosting package, you will receive an email from STRATO with the confirmation that you can start using your STRATO package. The email and FTP services are available starting immediately.


In another email, you will receive a link through which you can create your customer password. With your customer number and your customer password (which you yourself assign), you have access to your password-protected customer login at any time.

Shortly after ordering your domain, you can find out the current status of your order under the "Your Package" menu.


You can view the status of your domains via the Domains menu option in your package overview.



The registration duration for your domain varies depending on the selected domain extension; most top level domains can be registered within a few hours. However, registration may take up to two days for some domain extensions.



Please remember: When ordering new domain extensions (nTLD), the domain activation is dependent on the start of the assignment. If the assignment (the so-called general availability) has not yet started or the date is in the future, we will send your domain order to the assignment authority at the respective point in time. Only then can we inform you if your desired name could be registered.