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FAQ #1984

How long does the domain move to STRATO take?

Moving a domain is normally completed within a few hours, but this may take up to 48 hours under certain circumstances. This is also partially dependent upon if the outgoing provider must agree to the move and how fast the agreement occurs.

However, just a short amount of time after the assignment of your STRATO hosting package, you have the possibility to store the files from your internet presence on your STRATO web storage. You will receive a master ID from us for this. With this and your master password, you can establish a connection to our server via FTP and save your files in advance.

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As long as the domain is still with your current provider, it will have the content that is saved there. As soon as the domain has been moved to us and the DNS servers are updated correspondingly, the domain automatically links to the content saved at STRATO.

This guarantees that any possible downtime is kept as low as possible.

You can also set up your email mailboxes in the customer area. You can find the email administration under Email / Email Administration. You can create the mailboxes by using YourMailbox@ALL DOMAINS.


This guarantees that you will not lose any emails during the move. Your emails will be saved on our mail server as soon as your domain has moved.