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FAQ #2051

How can I install IonCube in my web hosting package?

IonCube, the alternative to ZendOptimizer, can be installed on all of our web hosting packages with PHP.


Step 1 - Download IonCube
First, download the correct version of IonCube.


You will find an overview of the versions available here: External link Loader Packages


As a customer with a STRATO web hosting product, please select the archive for Solaris (x86): External link and

After decompressing the archive, use an FTP program to upload the files to your web space in a separate folder with the name ioncube. It would be best if you could place it in the main directory.


If you have activated PHP boost for your package in the STRATO Login area, it will be necessary to upload the files directly into the main directory. If so, it is then no longer necessary to upload the files to a separate ioncube folder.


In the archive you have downloaded, you will find a file named loader-wizard.php which will help you correctly load IonCube. If it does not work, please use the following two older files instead. 


externer LinkOld versions of the help files for loading IonCube
(ZIP archive; contains the files ioncube-loader-helper.php and ioncube-encoded-file.php)


Step 2 - Create php.ini and load IonCube

Now please create a file named php.ini in the ioncube folder with the following contents:





Remember to replace my (the first two letters of your domain) and with the correct letters/name corresponding to your domain. This command must be written continuously in a single line without spaces.


Please also note that the name of the file will need to correspond to the PHP version selected for your package. When using PHP version 5.3, the file ioncube_loader_sun_5.3. is the correct one.

If you are using a different PHP version, please select the corresponding .so file. In your STRATO Login area, you can check which PHP version you are using, and modify it if necessary. You will find more information in the following article: How to determine and change the PHP version.

Now enter the following address into your browser to perform a final check on the installation:


The use of loader-wizard.php via "" requires safe mode to be switched off. Please enter the additional parameter safe_mode=off in php.ini to access loader-wizard.php.


If, instead, you have used the two files ioncube-loader-helper.php and ioncube-encoded-file.php, the address is as follows:

If you now receive the following messages, the installation was successful and you can use IonCube.


An ionCube encoded file has been loaded successfully.
- - - - - -
This file has been successfully decoded. ionCube Loaders are correctly installed.

Furthermore, when info.php (see above) is accessed, the entry IonCube Loader will also appear under the item Additional Modules.


Please note that the settings in the file php.ini only affect exactly the folder in which it was saved. If you receive a message that the IonCube loader could not be found or is not installed when calling one of your scripts, please note the path of the script, and then copy the file php.ini into this folder once again.