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FAQ #3

What are the paths on your system?

A few web applications require absolute or system paths to be specified. In this article, you will find out what the paths are called in your hosting package.
The absolute path for your hosting package
Important system paths

The absolute path to your web hosting package:


The absolute path to your web hosting package:


/home/strato/www/first two letters/

Please replace with any domain in your web hosting package, and replace the part named /de/ with the first two letters of the domain you selected.
The procedure is identical for subdomains — in this case, please also specify the main domain.

Absolute path: /home/strato/www/de/

Note: For umlaut domains the first two letters begin with xn, because this is in punycode. The path would appear differently in this case.


Example: wü




Please remember , that the paths are directory specifications that should always be complied with.


When using /mnt/ - paths, error notifications may appear because these are real system paths that may change without notice due to internal optimization work or a switch to a different storage volume.

The /home/strato/www/...-path, however, always remains the same.
Important: If you forward a domain from your package to a sub-directory through domain forwarding, the directory name must also be entered when specifying the path so that the scripts work.



Domain forwarded Target correct path specification no /
/home/strato/www/wu/ yes /Directory /home/strato/www/le/

Important system paths

The path to Sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail
The path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
The path to Python /usr/bin/python
The path to ImageMagick/Image Magick /opt/RZmagick4/bin/ (Version 4.2.9)
/opt/RZmagick/bin/ (Version 6.6.1-2)
The path to PHP /usr/bin/php