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FAQ #288

How to back up your QNAP NAS to STRATO HiDrive

In this article, we will show you how to configure a backup of your QNAP NAS in your STRATO HiDrive. For the configuration, you will require access to your QNAP as well as your HiDrive user name and password.
Please note: The connection between STRATO HiDrive and QNAP will be established via the FTP protocol. This protocol may not be available in the standard configuration of certain HiDrive packages. However, if you require it, you can obtain it by ordering the HiDrive Protocol Package as an add-on.

Verifying the protocol rights

Ensure that your HiDrive user has assigned the protocol rights for FTP. For security reasons, we recommend that only encrypted connections be permitted. Only the HiDrive administrator can assign the protocol rights.


Creating folders

In the HiDrive File Manager, create a folder in which the backup of your QNAP is to be stored. It will later be visible at the path /users/HiDriveUsername.



Logging into the QNAP NAS

Log into the web interface of your QNAP NAS and open the backup manager. The default address for logging into the web interface is:


Accessing Real-Time Remote Replication

Under "Remote Replication", select the option "RTRR".



Creating a replication job

Create a replication order by clicking on the "Create a Replication Job” button.


The "Synchronization Job Wizard" will now be launched. In this wizard, click on Next to create a job.


Select synchronization path

Select "Synchronize" and then "Local Folder to Remote Folder":



Entering the HiDrive login details

Enter your login details as follows:

Port: 21
FTP with SSL/TLS: Yes
Passive mode: EPSV
User name: User name of your HiDrive account
Password: Password for your HiDrive account

Click on "Test" to test the connection. If the test is successful, you can continue by clicking on "Next".


Selecting the folder to be backed up

Under "Local Source Folder", select the folder which is to be backed up to STRATO HiDrive. Under "External Target Folder", select the folder in which the backup is to be created.


Here, you can select the folder which you previously created in the "Creating Folders” section.



Configuring replication frequency

Now you can configure the replication frequency. The settings in our example configuration would initiate a replication on the hour. Naturally, rules and filters can also be configured if necessary.


Assigning a name for the replication job

Now assign a descriptive name and end the wizard by clicking on "Next".


Launching the synchronization job

The job has now been configured. You can start it directly by clicking on the "Play" symbol.

QNAP - Strato HiDrive Cloud Backup Einbindung-6.png

You can view the current status of the job at any time under "Show Log". This is where you will be shown the status of an ongoing job or the log entries of past jobs. This is also where you can check if all jobs ran correctly.

QNAP - Strato HiDrive Cloud Backup Einbindung-7.png
QNAP - Strato HiDrive Cloud Backup Einbindung-8.png
QNAP - Strato HiDrive Cloud Backup Einbindung-9.png