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FAQ #394

Configuration possibilities in email management

You can set up corresponding email addresses for the domain names in your hosting package. The flexible mail storage from STRATO makes it possible to individually and flexibly configure the mailbox size for each of your email mailboxes. You have the ability to precisely define the mailbox size down to a single megabyte and adjust your requirements at any time.


You can use these email addresses in different ways, either by using a real mailbox with us (POP3 or IMAP) and/or setting up forwarding to a different mailbox.


If, for example, you are a customer at T-Online, you have your own email mailbox there. In order to not have to retrieve emails from different mailboxes, you can forward your emails to a single mailbox. Conversely, you can also set up an individual mailbox for each of your individual employees through your internet presence; for example, in a small company with a single internet access point through individual mailboxes from us.

In this article, you will find out how you can set up a new email mailbox in your STRATO customer login.


Mailbox names for several domains
Create email address
Retrieving emails - server data

Configuring an existing mailbox
Instructions for setting up email programs


Mailbox names for several domains


In principle, you can have a number of email addresses and forwards, depending on your hosting package. You have a single email management area for all domains in your package in which you can create and edit email addresses, forwards, aliases and auto-responders. Here, you can freely select for which domain or sub-domain an email address should apply within your package.


Example: "Tina's Jewelry Store" uses the domains and The mailbox name "Delivery" was set up for this. The store therefore has 2 independent, domain-specific mailboxes:



You can also set up an email address that works simultaneously for all domains and sub-domains from a package.

Example: The mailbox name "delivery@[ALL DOMAINS]" was set up. The company therefore has a single mailbox that receives both the emails sent to as well as the emails sent to


Create email address

After you have logged in to your password-protected customer login and have selected your package by clicking on Your package , please select the menu option Email and Email Administration.
You are now in the administrative area for your email mailboxes. Here, you can manage existing email mailboxes and add new email mailboxes.

By default, the mailbox "webmaster@[ALL DOMAINS]" is preset with the aliases "postmaster@[ALL DOMAINS]" and "abuse@[ALL DOMAINS]". Please use your customer password as a password for this email address. You can edit these addresses and, for example, assign an alternative password. We recommend that you do not delete these addresses, because they are normally required for every domain in the internet.

In order to create a new address, please click on the Create new button and enter your desired email address in the designated fields. Select any name in front of the @-sign and choose a domain within your package from the corresponding pull-down menu after the @-sign.



You can set up this email address as a mailbox and/or as a forward. Furthermore, you can enter aliases and an AutoResponder for the address and decide if the address should be the catchall address for the respective domain. Under the Account Information menu option, you can determine if the mailbox can be used as a premium account in the Communicator 4.0. Please note that this may incur additional costs.


Please click on the menu option that matches your needs and requirements in order to enable the desired function.


Depending on which properties you have selected for your email address, you now have options to continue to edit newly created email addresses. We have clicked on all check boxes in the following image. As a result, we have the following editing possibilities illustrated here.



Password Enter a password for your mailbox and repeat it.
Change mailbox size Customize the size of the mailbox. (this option is available for products that were ordered starting in the beginning of October 2014, for existing customers after an up-downgrade to new rates)
Account Information With the approval confirmation, you allow the mailbox user to execute an upgrade to the premium mailbox for a fee. Premium mailboxes receive additional STRATO Communicator features like team functions and are billed from your stored customer bank account.
Enter one or several forwarding addresses.
Advanced settings Define the alias address(es) here
Mailbox receives all emails for undefined addresses An email mailbox configured as Catchall receives all emails that were delivered to non-existent email addresses. Depending on the settings, the emails from one or all domains and sub-domains within your STRATO package can be received through the "catchall" address.
Temporarily disable mailbox Mark your mailbox as disabled if you would not like to use it temporarily, but do not want to lose its settings and emails. New incoming emails are automatically rejected.

After you have selected all desired settings, please click on the Create mailbox , button in order to save your entries.

You will then receive a confirmation page with the settings you set up for your email address. You can print this confirmation page as well. To do this, please select the Print details button..


Configure an existing mailbox

You can edit an existing mailbox at any time; all of the previously mentions setting options are available for you.


In order to edit an existing mailbox, please open the email administration and select the desired mailbox. Then click on Edit mailbox.



Retrieving emails with an email program

After setting up your own email mailbox with a password, there are different options to retrieve the emails.

The easiest option is to use the STRATO Communicator. In order to use the Communicator, you only need your browser and your access data; no further configuration is required.


Alternatively, you can also use any email program or your smartphone to retrieve emails. Before usage, you will first need to configure the email program or smartphone.


You need the following data to set up any email program:

Type of inbox server IMAP
Server name of the inbox (IMAP) (Port 993) (SSL/TLS)
Server name of the outbox (SMTP) (Port 465) (SSL/TLS)
User name / account name


You will find comprehensive manuals for frequently used email programs in these FAQ articles:

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