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FAQ #1606

This is how you can set a custom DNS-Reverse for your IP addresses

An individual DNS-Reverse can be set for each of your IP addresses. Unlike with a normal DNS query (host name resolves to IP address), permanent IP addresses can be assigned to the host name with the help of the DNS Reverse Lookup.

You can set the DNS-Reverse in your Customer Service Area with just a few clicks. Please first log in to your password protected externer Link Customer Service Area You can find the configuration options under the menu options Domain Administration DNS-Reverse. Here, you can select for which host name on the server the existing IP addresses should be resolved through a DNS-Reverse lookup.
DNS Reverse for your IPaddress -1.png
DNS Reverse for your IPaddress -2.png
You can also use external host names. However, these must explicitly show the corresponding IP address. A host name must be specified as a so-called Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). An FQDN, like, starts with a host name (www), contains a second level domain (desired name) and a top level domain (.de).