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FAQ #285

Where can I set up and edit my email addresses?

In your password-protected customer login it is possible to set up email mailboxes free of charge in addition to many other services.
Please first use your customer number and your customer password to log into your Customer Service Area then select the menu option Email Administration. aus.
You can manage your email addresses, aliases and email forwards in the Email Administration. A detailed instruction manual for setting up and managing your mailboxes can be found in our article:
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Of course, you can edit or delete your email addresses retrospectively at any time in the Email Administration.
You will now see an overview of your email addresses. We have set the address webmaster@[ALL DOMAINS] with the aliases abuse@[ALL DOMAINS] and postmaster@postmaster@[ALL DOMAINS] as the default. We recommend that you do not delete these addresses, because they are normally required for every domain in the internet.

For each of your email addresses, it is indicated if filter rules like forwards and auto-responders are enabled for this address and if aliases are set up. Furthermore, you will see corresponding marks for disabled addresses if addresses are valid for all domains and if addresses are defined as CatchAll.

Furthermore, you have the option of alphabetically sorting your address overview, to search for certain addresses and to change the number of addresses displayed on the screen.

In order to delete one or several email addresses, please mark the corresponding box and then click on the Delete button.

In order to edit the filter rules of an address, please click on the Edit filter button.


In order to edit an email address, please go to Edit mailbox.