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FAQ #2420

Why are my emails not being delivered?

Under certain circumstances, it may be the case that individual emails cannot be delivered. The reasons for this are highly varied, but in all cases you will receive a bounce email (notification that message could not be delivered).

This email always contains the reason for refusal of delivery. The reasons for refusal are standardized according to various guidelines. In most cases, the refusal is sent by the email server of the email recipient.


We have listed frequent reasons for refusal and what they mean in the following:



general reason for refusal

What is the cause?

What is the solution?


mailbox full

Recipient's inbox is full

The recipient needs to free up storage space for emails in his inbox.


Refused by local policy. No SPAM please!

Your email violates the filter and/or spam rules of the respective recipient.

Please check if your email contains content which could be identified as spam.


B-URL or B-Text

Your email contains text or a URL which has been declared as spam.

Where applicable, remove links or negative terms. This also applies to corresponding content in signatures.


error in address

What is the cause?

What is the solution?


sorry, no mailbox here by that name

Email address of recipient does not exist

Check if the email address is written correctly and ensure that the email address still exists.


recipient e-mail address unknown

Recipient email address is unknown

550 5.1.1

... User unknown

User/inbox does not exist



What is the cause?

What is the solution?


relay not permitted

Access not permitted; login error

Check the login details (email address and email password) for typos.


Mail was identified as spam

Your message was recognized as spam

Please check whether your email contains content which could be identified as spam.


Relay access denied

Authentication failed

Email server of recipient is not configured. The recipient should check his DNS settings.


temporary issues

What is the cause?

What is the solution?


Temporary local problem - please try later

temporary delivery problem

Send the email again at a later point in time.


Note: Temporary issues will not result in an immediate reply with a bounce email, as it can be assumed that it will be possible to deliver the email at a later point in time. In this case, the email server will keep the emails in the queue and attempt to deliver them periodically. It is only when the email has been in the queue for too long that the system will need to send out a bounce email and delete the email from the queue.